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Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers, and Small Business Owners:


It's Time: In Less Than Three Months You're Going to Have Your Business Book Completely Written and Ready for a Publisher!

Announcing The Winter 2011 Session of

"Business Book Bootcamp"

A Webinar

This easy step-by-step program will show you EXACTLY how to set up your book and your business for success, and GET YOUR BOOK WRITTEN by the end of this program!

Enrollment is now open. See details below. Hurry! The Bootcamp begins JANUARY 11, 2011.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Because access to this site was limited in December, the December EARLY BIRD price SPECIAL has BEEN EXTENDED! See details below...

From the Desk of:
Sophfronia Scott, Executive Editor

Dear Aspiring Author:

This letter is about a promise--a promise you have made to yourself to be successful in your business and your life in a way that only you know is all too possible. That promise may or may not include the specific thought that says, "I want to write a book" , but you are being drawn to write--increasingly so--every single day.

I'm asking that you pay attention to that thought. Pay close attention to it because the reason you're feeling this is because you know writing a book is the best, most gratifying way for you to uplevel yourself and your business, to get where you want to go. Why?

Because writing a book is not like any other marketing piece you would create for your business. It presents the opportunity for you to communicate a message--a message that illuminates who you are, what you want your business to be about, and how you focus these intentions in the service of your clients or customers. Simply put, writing a book could be the most authentic action you could take to grow your business.

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A book is essential, not just for external opportunities, but for what you must become inside yourself to get the book done.

Is it any wonder, then, that the businesspeople who write books are the most client attractive people, and are therefore the most successful?

I know how important this is, how transformative writing a book can be. That's why I created a very special program to help you write a great business book and bring it into the world, a program that would show you:

  • How to engage your audience so you know you're writing a book they'll definitely buy
  • How to organize the book so it becomes a powerful tool to bring in clients and customers
  • The fastest way to get your book written--a real book, not just a 50-page pamphlet!
  • How to work with a manuscript to prepare it for publication
  • How to make the right publishing choices so all your work doesn't goes to waste!

In this program you'll get the MOTIVATION, ORGANIZATION AND TIME to make your business book--the right business book--happen.

If this sounds like what you want, if this is the STRUCTURE that you know will help you to accomplish your goals for 2011 so you can become the businessperson and author you want to become then...

You are cordially invited to the Winter 2011 Session of my...

Business Book Bootcamp Webinar

The Quick and Simple Way to Get the Structure, Information, and Accountability You Need to Write Your Business Book!

I've designed this course to be comprehensive, but easy to digest. You'll have time to work on your book-- in fact the whole goal of this program is for you to produce a complete written draft by the end of the bootcamp!


Finished Her Book!

"I have been meaning to write a book for a long time (a few years) but never seemed to be able to find the time, nor did I have any notion of how to get started. When I learned about Sophfronia Scott's Business Book Bootcamp, I knew this was what I needed. I respond well to deadlines, and I knew that I could stick to the class and homework timeline, and, in turn, the class would deliver on its promise to me to have a draft of my book by the end of the bootcamp. Sophfronia's Business Book Bootcamp exceeded my expectations, and fully delivered - and the baby is my book!"

Dr. Liz Lyster, OB/GYN, Author
Laguna Beach, CA


How The Program Will Work...

There will be eight 75-minute webinars in less than 3 months (January, February, and the first weeks of March). You'll be able to listen in on the phone and watch on your computer screen as I present LIVE examples and writing samples. You will learn how to plan the book, get input from your audience, and form a business strategy for the book. Your goal: to finish your first draft of your manuscript by the end of the third month.

UPDATE: For our subscribers in Europe and similar time zones, we will now offer TWO times for the Bootcamp! Classes will be offered on Tuesdays at 1PM AND 8PM EASTERN. The earlier class will be cancelled, however, if there isn't enough demand .

BONUS: When you've completed your draft, you will have TWO   30-minute private sessions with me to review your work!



"Write Your Book With Ease and Confidence"

"Sophfronia's Business Book Boot Camp is MUST before you start writing your book if you want it to be a serious business building tool! This course lays a very solid foundation so you can write your book with ease and confidence knowing that your investment in both time and money will pay off. Sophfronia has a wealth of knowledge and really cares that you and your book succeeds!"


Annika Ek B.Sc, CHA
Purpose2Business Mentor
Author of the Upcoming Book, "How To Go From Purpose2Business: Discover Your Purpose, Master Your Mindset & Become a Purpose Entrepreneur"


She's Got All the Answers Now!

"I signed up for Sophfronia Scott’s Business Book Bootcamp because I knew I wanted to write a book, but I couldn’t figure out how to put it all together; how to write and publish my own book was a complete mystery to me. I felt I had some of the key ingredients, but I didn’t have a recipe.

The Bootcamp gave me all the tools I need to create my own book. Sophfronia showed a genuine interest in me and my fellow bootcampers during our course and I was pleased at how accessible she was when it came to responding to my questions.

I loved the convenience of an online class and enjoyed the support of going through this process with a group. Before signing up for the class, I didn’t realize the information presented would be so clear. Sophfronia’s directions were clear, her examples were clear and her action steps were clear. She delivered everything she promised.

Sophfronia Scott’s Business Bootcamp is empowering me to write my book."

Michele Denise Michaels



What We'll Cover: The Course Outline

Class 1

What Do You Want?: The Publishing Plan
Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

What do you want out of being a published author? Unless you know, you won't be able to make the right decisions that have to be made in every step of the publishing process. We'll discuss how to put your plan together. You'll get to work on it and complete it before the next class.

Class 2

What's Your Message?: Getting Input From Your Audience
Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

No business book worth its salt is written in a vacuum. You'll learn how to shape the message of the book, figure out how that message relates to what your audience most wants and how to get the two connected. This will ensure you're writing content your customers want!

Class 3

How Many Ways Can You Solve a Problem?: Lead Generation and Designing Your Business Strategy
Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

The book is just the beginning. Before you write, you'll want to figure out how the book fits into your business, and how you'll want to engage your customers. In this session you'll learn how to design that all-important strategy and understand the term "the back-end".

Class 4

How to Tell a Story: Anecdotes and Where to Find Them
The Outline: Building Your Book
Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

Why are anecdotes important to a great business book? We'll discuss that here and how to find, develop and use the right anecdotes in your book. We'll also talk about how to outline your book. This isn't the a,b,c, Roman Numeral outline you learned in high school. This is about creating an outline you'll understand! In this session we'll build and organize the necessary material that will allow you to write your book quickly and easily.

Class 5

Getting Your Book Out of Your Head
Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

Here's where the rubber meets the road. In this session you'll learn the fastest way to get your book out of your head and onto paper. Your challenge will be to complete this portion of the class work by the end of the month. You'll see right away that you can do it!

Class 6

Editing Your Draft
Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

Yes, really! At this point in the bootcamp you could be close to having a working draft of your book in hand! In this session I'll show you how to clean it up, re-organize, if necessary, and get it ready for a publisher's eyes.

Class 7

Getting Graphic: Understanding Your Book's Design
Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

It's important (doubly so for entrepreneurs) to have a book that looks inviting and professionally designed. But how do you know what "good design" looks like? We'll have a the pleasure of hearing a top book designer discuss the do's and don'ts of good interior and cover design. You'll also learn how to work with a graphic artist (what to ask, what to look for) so you can get the great-looking book you want.

Class 8

Publishing: How to Get Your Book Produced
Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 1pm AND 8pm EASTERN

Now that you have your completed manuscript, we'll review your options for bringing it into the world as a finished book. We'll also talk about whether or not you want to market your book and how to put a marketing plan in place.


"Valuable, Behind-the-Scenes Secrets"

"Business Book Bootcamp is chock full of valuable, fun learning! There are behind-the-scenes secrets to how to write a book in six months (or less), plus you really learn how to detail your true message and how to multi-purpose your finished product. Overall the program teaches you more about yourself, your message, and the audience to whom you're selling than you could have imagined before taking the class. With Sophfronia's expertise and attention to the needs of her students, and your willingness to write, you will have completed a large chunk of your book before the end of class...promise!"

Gretchel A. Johnson, CPCC, ACC, M. Msc.
Certified Personal, Professional and E I Coach


PLUS...You Can Take Advantage of These Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Your own workbook. Each bootcamp member will receive a copy of the Business Book Bootcamp Workbook . It's filled with worksheets and details of every strategy we discuss in the course!

Bonus #2: Recordings of each class. (You'll be able to see the screen presentation as well!)

Bonus #3: TWO Calls With Sophfronia. You'll get a Private 30-minute check in call with me to review your manuscript once you have completed it. (Valid for 6 months after course completion.) You may also schedule one extra call if you need help with any material during the course.

Bonus #4: Private Online Networking Community where you can meet your fellow bootcampers, get feedback and get your questions answered. You'll have have access to book summaries and reviews of current popular business books so you can keep up on what's already out there.

Bonus #5: Printed Handouts of each webinar presentation for your own personal notebook. You can review the course materials again and again at your leisure.

****SUPER HUGE BONUS #6****: If you sign up for Bootcamp before December 15, you'll receive recordings of BOOK PROPOSALS 101, a 4-part teleseminar course in which Sophfronia teaches how to prepare a book proposal. If you want your book to be traditionally published, this is crucial material for you to learn!



Completed Her Book's First Draft!

"Sophfronia Scott and the Business Bootcamp was just what I needed in order to take my idea for a book from my head to a first draft. This was a dream I had for years since I had taken my daughter through the many steps needed to bring her from having Learning Disabilities to raising her IQ by 20 points, getting removed from all remedial classes, going to college, and getting on the Dean's List without accommodations! I feel every parent and educator should know that not only is it possible, but how to go about it. This book, which includes many similar success stories and resources will be my most important tool for getting the word out.

I know I need to be accountable to someone else for a deadline to be met, and I was happily attending our last session with my first draft complete. Sophfronia gave us homework along the way, and instructed us in areas that I, a first-time author, never knew before. My favorite sessions included how to quickly get the first draft written, easily get stories, and edit. I also especially liked the session that opened our eyes to different ways to get a book published.

Thank you so much, Sophfronia!

Kathy Johnson, MS Ed
Author of "From Learning Disabilities to Success"


On Her Way to Writing MANY Books!

I know that writing, lots of writing is a part of my destiny.  I have so many ideas and lots of content to share, but I had no clue as to how I would get these books out of my heart and onto paper.

The Business Book Bootcamp was a great tool to help me gain a proper perspective as to what writing my book was all about.  From the very first session, I gained so much clarity and was able to put focused thought into what I actually wanted to do with the book once it was written.  This one strategy kept me from making the mistake many authors make and that is to write and publish a book without first knowing exactly you want the book to accomplish for your business.

There were so many valuable tips given in this Bootcamp that will make my book work for me in many ways, including having a way to know who is buying my book and how to keep them connect with my business.  Sophfronia was great and I am excited about all the help that I am getting.  I especially like the bonus of her being available to me long after the Boot Camp is over! Thanks!

Elona Sanders ~ The Deliverance Doctor™
Spiritual Success Coach to
Kingdom Leaders

About Your Instructor: Sophfronia Scott

Sophfronia Scott has twenty years of experience as a professional writer. She honed her craft working with some of the best (and toughest) editors in the world during her career at Time and People magazines.

When she published her first novel, All I Need to Get By, with St. Martin’s Press in 2004, one prominent reviewer referred to Sophfronia as potentially “one of the best writers of her generation.”

Sophfronia holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard. In her current position as executive editor of The Done For You Writing & Publishing Company, Sophfronia enjoys helping entrepreneurs and speakers to write and publish books to promote their businesses. Her latest books include the award-winning bestseller, Doing Business By the Book, and the hugely popular anthology, How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times.


UPDATE: Lynn published her book!


"I Was So Inspired!"

"Sophfronia's Business Book Bootcamp was packed with information about every aspect of creating and publishing your book. Each class taught me something new - so much so that I'm still taking it all in! The group interaction was excellent. It felt good to be able to hear what other authors were experiencing as they put their ideas down on paper. I was so inspired that by the time the bootcamp ended, I decided to go with a book idea that was bigger than my original project. I highly recommend working with Sophfronia because of her support and her obvious caring for other authors. Because she's been there herself she understands the creative process and knows how to combine creativity with business. I'm now motivated to move forward with my project because I am much more informed than I was before."






Deborah A. Bailey



This is Exactly the Program I'm Looking For! What's My Investment and How Do I Sign Up?


Get all the information, support and guidance you need to complete your book for just


Or choose a convenient easy payment plan:


4 Payments of $252


Note: Due to website issues in December when you may not have had access to this page, we have extended discount pricing through the start of class. Sign up now to take advantage of our tech problems!

After December 30, Full Pricing will be $1,497 or 4 payments of $375.

But What If...

...I can't make all the calls?

It's okay. All the calls will be recorded and made available. If you still have questions about the material on the call you missed, just email me and I'll get you up to speed!

...I don't have the idea for my book yet?

Part of the process of the bootcamp is learning how to survey your people and find out what they most want to know. You'll have your idea--and will have tested it--before you begin to write.

...I don't have a list yet.

The early calls of the bootcamp will help you define your target audience and how to find them. You'll see there are other ways to find out what people want.

...I'm not sure I can afford it.

Do some research. You'll find this is one of the most affordable programs (and the most comprehensive) of its kind. And, as you may have read in my book, "Doing Business By the Book", not having a book to your name is actually costing you money!

"Everything You Need to Get Going"

"From content to design, this boot camp covers everything you need to get going on your book. Each boot camp class gave a new nugget to immediately apply to the book and some for using as the book progressed. I needed accountability in getting the work done along the way. Since I knew that I had to attend a session with the group, it kept me focused. You will receive all the tools, techniques and strategies to create your masterpiece."


Valarie Willis

And Now, One Final Question...

Which Option Will You Choose to Enroll?

Yes! I want to enroll in "Business Book Bootcamp" and take advantage of all the information and support I'll need to get my business book done! (Choose link below.)

4-Payment Option: $



1-Payment Option: $

By the way, if this were just about getting your book done, you could simply hire me and my team to do that for you. But you wouldn't learn any of these strategies and, at this point in your business, you might not be able to swing my $15,000-$25,000 fees for those publishing programs. The point is for you to learn how to write book after book after book on your own! With Business Book Bootcamp, you can do it.

So mark your calendar, get your notebook ready and I'll "see" you in January!

Please email me at if you have any more questions.


We're looking forward to working with you to make your book  a reality!

Best Wishes For Your Publishing Success,

Sophfronia Scott
Executive Editor

P.S.: Maybe you've already thought of this, but if you sign up for the Business Book Bootcamp and do all the assignments on schedule, you could be a published author sometime next year! If writing a book is one of your New Year's resolutions for 2011, this is definitely the way to do it. Join us!

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